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Compassion’s ministry in India is carried out in partnership with Caruna Bal Vikas or CBV, a child development ministry that works to give Indian children in poverty a future and a hope. Working in partnership with other likeminded churches, currently there are more than 225 Compassion assisted projects caring for more than 50,150 registered children located in more than 10 states and among different communities in the country.

Mission statement of LDP

The Leadership Development program is leaders and contributors in their spheres of influence. designed to identify and provide opportunity for outstanding Christian young men and women, who have been assisted by Compassion, to develop their potential as Christian


The strategy of the Leadership Development Program is to educate, train and disciple gifted young adults through sponsorship.

Servant Leadership

In the Bible, the word leader appears only three times but the word servant appears more than 480 times. In fact, whenever the concept of leadership is referred to in the Scriptures, God uses the word servant. It is clear that Gods call to leadership is founded on service to others. And thats the foundation upon which the Compassion Leadership Development Program is based.


The goals of LDP are as follows:

A. Educating, training and discipling servant leaders from among select, exceptionally gifted, Compassion-assisted young people.

B. Provide Compassion with a ministry vehicle to assist in actualizing the abilities of young adults with outstanding leadership potential.

C. Influence the development of nations by preparing young people from impoverished backgrounds to be Christian leaders and contribute in their spheres of influence.


A. Equip beneficiaries with Christian leadership competencies through a prescribed leadership training program and country-specific electives so that they develop the skills and character of a Christian servant leader

B. Enroll students as per approved quota in a program of higher education and thus develop their God-given potential.

C. Maintain the integrity of the LDP by monitoring students’ performance, assisting young leaders in creating a personal development plan (LDP — My Plan for Tomorrow), creating and maintaining a personal budget and supporting them as needed.

D. Encourage students to maintain an accountability relationship with their home churches and/or some other Christian fellowship group while attending their institution of higher learning and encourage the partner church and/or group to do all it can to ensure the success of the student.

E. Provide a mentoring framework for the student’s professional and personal development.

F. Facilitate extracurricular service opportunities to practice their leadership skills.


Compassion will facilitate a national Child Development through Sponsorship alumni association that LDP graduates will be invited to participate in. The alumni association will help keep the LDP spirit alive and further track the progress of LDP graduates in their efforts to develop their potential as Christian leaders and contributors in their spheres of influence. The alumni association will also become a venue for portraying some of the LDP achievers and the contributions they have made and are making. It is envisioned that such a celebration will prove challenging and inspiring for current LDP students to make their impact as servant leaders for Jesus Christ. Each country should assist in establishing and coordinating the LDP component in the Compassion International Alumni Association. Such a society should serve to strengthen the post graduation relationships and enhance their commitment to leadership development in all countries where they serve. The alumni are encouraged to develop a job placement network, mentor sponsored children and current LDP students and network internationally with fellow alumni. The LDP graduate will be leading the association.

Caruna - Leadership Development Program India
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